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Grogan Football League

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Grogan Football Rules:

1. League size: The League consists of 16 teams in four divisions of four.

The league is a lifetime league in which you keep your entire roster from year to year.Owners are expected to field the best lineup possible every week and owners neglecting their team will have them taken over and operated without refund. 

2. Schedule: You will play each division team twice and teams of the remaining three divisions once in a 14 game head to head schedule.

3. Roster Size: 25 active players(in season).  Any combination of positions is allowed. Leagues will also have separate roster lists for players on Injured Reserve and College Draft picks. Players MUST be on NFL IR,PUP list or be declared OUT for a minimum of 4 weeks (by a major publication) to qualify for IR status.(this player can still be traded)Players under Suspension may not be placed on I.R. Teams may have up to 30 players in the offseason.

4. Players must always be used at their designated positions. You must always carry at least one TE,one K and one team Defense at ALL TIMES.

5. Waivers: Once a player is waived, he is a Free Agent and cannot be signed by any team until the following FA pickup period. There are no "conditional or if type" waivers.

6. Free Agents: During the season, there are two transaction periods each week. Tuesday Night 9:00 PM  & Wednesday Night 9:00PM. All Free Agent requests are to be submitted via the RTsports website.

Starting in 2013 we will open up Free Agent pickups Starting Sunday morning at 9:00 AM for last minute pickups. A player can be picked up until kickoff of his game.( this is a first come pickup period)Moves become effective as soon as they are processed (9 pm)or immediately on Sunday pickup.
       A maximum of one free agent can be signed per call in period.(2 per week) Free agent order is determined by standings(worst to first).The seasonal Free agent deadline is week 13. No Free agent pickups during league playoffs.Bi-weekly transaction periods begins after week seventeen of the NFL season.Free Agent pickups are discontinued after the Super Bowl and start again after the Grogan draft.

7. Trades: Team owners are encouraged to improve their teams by trading with each other. Both owners must report the trade involving exactly the same players (if done via email). The trade is only official after you see it on the site.  You may then use newly acquired players when you submit a new lineup before the first kickoff of the week. Multiple player deals are allowed. You may acquire any number players per week via trades.(No limit) You may trade away any number of players or draft picks each week. Only draft picks from the next draft can be dealt.(No trading the 2010 picks before the 2009 draft) Draft picks do not count as roster spots . Weekly Free Agent pick rights may not be traded. If you trade a player away, you cannot reaquire him via trade until at least  five transaction periods have passed.

The commisioner may veto any trade deemed too one sided.

Appeals process: If a trade has been approved that an owner feels is unfair or one that an owner feels has been unjustly vetoed. An appeal may be requested. To overturn the commisioners' decision, at least 9 owners must vote to do so.

To launch a formal appeal, just email the commish (by Friday) and a league wide email will be sent requesting a vote. Voting will be conducted via online poll on the website. Trade deadline is the Wednesday before Week 13.  

8. Weekly Lineup: 1 QB, (2 RB's 4WR's & 1 TE)(3 RB's,3 WR's & 1 TE)(1 RB,4 WR's & 1 TE)(2 RB's,3 WR & 2 TE's)(3 RB's,2 WR's & 2 TE's)or (1 RB, 4 WR's & 2 TE's) 1 Kicker and 1 Defensive Team.There are no backups at any position. The lineup deadline is kickoff of the game your player is to be playing. That could be a Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday, depending on the week involved. Submissions after the deadlines are not accepted.

9. Wins/Losses: Your team's score will be compared to that of your scheduled opponent. The team with the highest score for that week wins! If the game ends in a tie,the highest scoring player (def. team not included) will break the tie. If still tied, the tie will be broken by each teams 2nd highest scorer and so on until the tie is broken.

10. Playoffs: Four division winners and the next two best teams regardless of division make the playoffs. If there is a tie for a division winner,H2H is the 1st tie breaker with points the next. If there is a tie for a wild card spot or involving playoff seeding it will be broken by total points scored(PF)If still a tie, the winner is the head to head winner during the season.

11. College Draft Picks: Each team gets 1st,2nd & 3rd round college draft picks for the 2015 College Draft. Details explained before the start of each league draft. Picks can be traded but a team can never have more than eight picks or less than one after any transaction period.

12.Good Luck & Have Fun.


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