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I have nothing to say........

Free Month at the HoF

Why is the Reds Hall of Fame free?
The Reds have turned a great building created to honor and preserve the history of the team into a cheap amusement park.
You used to be able to come in on a gameday and learn about the team, watch a film that got you fired up for baseball and finish by reading the plaques of the greats of Reds history.
Now you are herded like cattle 100's at a time through the building.
You are no longer in the company of fellow fans. You are surrounded by fat, sweaty "fans" who entered the game with their free tickets.They are bored with the game(real fans huh?) and are just walking around. These people give " two sh*ts" about the history of the Reds.
The Reds hall of Fame is " A place for the fans"(according to their website)
A true fan would have no problem spending  just 5 dollars to see the history of their team!
These "non-fans" will drop $6.00 on a beer or $7.50 for a fried twinkee, but can't come up with a fiver....Come on.

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